CHECKMEND: US/UK/EU price differences

The US CheckMEND platform caters specifically to the US market and as a result, checks using that service only include results from our US-specific data sets. We can, therefore, provide the service at a reduced cost to ourselves and choose to pass that on to the customers. US-specific data checking is designed to meet with US market expectations and provide a service priced for the information needed by individuals, small traders and pawnbrokers. Larger international businesses in the US that have a requirement to run checks on international data can use our corporate accounts feature to customise their checking to specific needs.

In the UK/EU there is a much greater need for international data due to the higher rate of imports and the cross border trade of stolen goods. CheckMEND checks made through the UK and EU platforms, therefore, receive the full CheckMEND service including data sets both domestic and international to the geographical region, including all US data. 

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