IMMOBILISE: Registering family member property to your account

Immobilise accounts are most commonly registered to individuals and provide a place for that person to register their valuables. You may however find that you would prefer to register property belonging to multiple different people all on to the same account. This is often the case with items that have shared ownership such as family possessions, or with property belonging to friends, family members, or people in your care that might not be able to register property themselves.

Immobilise accounts can only ever be linked to one individual email address with a single account holder's name. If you do wish to register property belonging to multiple on to the same account then you may wish to consider including that owner's details in the item description so help distinguish between multiple property items. This can be important in circumstances where you might have multiple items of the same make and model. If one goes missing it is important to know who's the item is so you can go on to flag it as lost or stolen within your Immobilise account.

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