CHECKMEND: AssetWatch record enquiries

The AssetWatch system is used by various companies and organisations to place a flag on devices that are considered to be ineligible for resale. Such a device may be rightfully in possession of an individual however legal title for the ownership of that device along with the right to sell it are not. For example a device may be a rental, company property provided to a staff member or subject to ongoing contract terms.


The following is a guide on what steps to take should you have any questions concerning a CheckMEND report that is showing an active AssetWatch flag on a device.

Step 1: If CheckMEND support directed you to this help article then you may have already completed this step. Contact our support team and provide us with the CheckMEND report ID number that you are enquiring about. We will be able to look into any records flagged up in the CheckMEND report and provide details that can assist with making further enquiries into them. In the case of an AssetWatch flag we will be able to identify the name of the originating organisation that has added that flag to the device.

Step 2: If you have a prior relationship with the originating organisation that has flagged a device on AssetWatch then we recommend you contact them yourself with any questions you have concerning that device or the AssetWatch flag on it. They should be able to provide you with information on their ownership claim for the device and if the AssetWatch flag is invalid for any reason then you may be able to arrange for them to remove the AssetWatch flag from it.


Step 3: If you do not have any prior relationship in place with the originating organisation for the AssetWatch flag then it is possible you may have inadvertently come into possession of a device where legal title has not been given and was not eligible to be supplied to you. In such circumstance you may wish to try querying this with the person or company that originally supplied you with the device and if necessary seek a refund for it from them.


Step 4: If you believe the AssetWatch record is invalid and wish to request a dispute be raised then we can assist with this. In this case please respond to our support team and request that we make an enquiry with the originating organisation on your behalf. You will need to supply us with the following information before we can do so:

1) Details on how you came in to possession of the device, including the name of the supplier and the date that you received it on.

2) A concise statement on why you believe the AssetWatch flag may not be valid.

3) A written statement consenting that we have your permission to pass this information along with your name and contact details on to the originating organisation for the AssetWatch flag.


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