CHECKMEND: Red flag trade-in enquiry FAQ

The following FAQ is intended to help address common questions asked when a red flag is detected on an item of property that someone is attempting to sell to a second-hand trader or mobile phone recycler. 

Can I just get my property returned to me instead?

If the item of property is currently in the possession of a company then they may not be in a position to be able to make payment or return that item while there are records red-flagging it. We recommend the owner arranges to remove the red-flagging records as this is the best way to get the phone returned (or the sale completed). Any questions you have relating to the policies of the trader you are using will need to be sent to them directly.  

Do I only have 28 days to resolve this?

The 28-day holding period policy of mobile phone recyclers is a minimum holding period only. Should you need additional time you should contact the company you sent the mobile phone to and inform them that you are in the process of disputing the records. We recommend you forward to your recycler a copy of any emails you have received from us as proof that your enquiry has been lodged with CheckMEND. They should then extend the deadline on their holding period for you, but if you do experience any problems with this then please let us know as we may be able to assist further.

I am not the rightful owner and cannot remove the red-flagging records. What should I do?

If the property is been held by a trade-in company then we recommend you contact them and inform them of this along with the details on how the item of property has come into your possession. They will then be free to begin the process of trying to trace the rightful owner based on the available records, or arrange for its safe disposal if no owner can be found.

If the property is still in your possession then we recommend instead contacting your local police force and bringing it to their attention. In some cases, they may be able to locate the rightful owner of the property and arrange for its return, and if it is connected with a crime then finding out where you got it from may also be of help to them with their enquiries.

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