IMMOBILISE: How do I add many items to my account at once?

If you have lots of items to upload, then there's an easier way than adding each item individually. That way is to use one of our upload spreadsheets.

Firstly you should already have an Immobilise account. If you don't then you will need to create an account at Once your account has been created, upon successful login you will see your account main screen. If you click the 'Register New Item' button you will see an option for 'Bulk Upload'.

This will take you to a page with further instructions on how to add multiple items to your Immobilise account, including a 'how-to' guide. If you click the 'which should I use' link you can download a guide on which template to use.

Once you have completed the spreadsheet by filling in the 'Property type', 'Make & Model', 'Purchase Date', 'Cost' and 'Description' then you can save it and upload the file by clicking 'Browse...' and navigating to the correct file. When you have chosen the necessary file click 'Go'. Please note that it may take up to an hour the items appear in your account.

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