CHECKMEND: Contacting us about red flag results

CheckMEND certificates will sometimes reveal records on your property that you do not expect to be there. In some cases, these records may be a problem for you such as if you are trying to sell your property second hand. This is often referred to as been ‘red-flagged’. In such circumstances, we can help you by providing information on where those records come from and advice on how you can correct out of date or invalid records. 

Please be aware that CheckMEND does not create loss, theft, phone blacklisting or insurance claim records. Such records are put in place on third party systems that CheckMEND collects the information from. As such we are not able to make changes to these records ourselves. We can however advise you on where the records come from and who to contact in order to get them removed.  

You can ask us for assistance with investigating any CheckMEND record by submitting a request through our support helpdesk. When you contact us you will need to provide a brief description of the situation that you are contacting us about and the certificate ID number from your CheckMEND report. 

If you have found out about the problem from a third party company such as a mobile phone recycler or second-hand trader then you should be able to contact them to request the certificate ID number. If you cannot get the certificate ID number then you can still contact us but should instead confirm the name of the company that ran the check on your property along with the serial number that they were checking as well as a brief description of what you are contacting us about.

Once you have contacted us we will look into the records associated with the serial number and identify for you exactly where red-flagging records have come from. We will also provide you with links to relevant Knowledgebase articles that contain advice on what to do in order to update records that you believe to be out of date or inaccurate.

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