CHECKMEND: ModelCheck information does not match checked item

A CheckMEND report will run checks against all records that are associated with the identifier numbers you run your check against. In instances where we can independently verify the make and model of a phone based solely on the identifiers you have provided the CheckMEND report will display that information.

In some instances, we may show the make and model of an item that is contrary to what you believe you are running your check on. This may indicate a possible deception or counterfeiting for the item of property. 

Make and model verification is not always accurate. Model lists can be out of date, or serial number formatting might happen to coincide with multiple different items leading to inaccurate make/model matches. As a result, do not take discrepancies between the make and model to automatically mean the item checks is a counterfeit, but do keep such information in mind and take extra care to validate that the item is legitimate. Should you have any doubts or questions about an item then contact the CheckMEND support team and ask us to investigate it further.


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