CHECKMEND: Updating ReportMyLoss records

The following article is a guide on how to arrange for ReportMyLoss ( records to be removed from a serial number. It is intended to assist CheckMEND users by providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to remove records that may be causing a ‘red flag’ result to appear on a CheckMEND certificate. This article assumes you are the rightful owner of the item of property and have a valid claim to ownership for it. 

Step 1: If you are attempting to trade-in or recycle an item of property and have not already done so then we recommend you contact us first before trying to remove any records associated with that item of property. We will be able to look into those records for you and be able to provide you with details relating to any records detected. We do not recommend continuing with the following steps until you have done so. See the Knowledgebase article HERE for further details on this. If CheckMEND support directed you to this help article then you may have already completed this step.

Step 2: Don’t panic. We are fully aware that ReportMyLoss records can become associated with property serial numbers for a variety of perfectly innocent reasons and no one here is accusing you of having committed any crimes. Should you get stuck at any point in the following steps then you can find answers to the most common problems at the end of this article. If this does not help then you can still contact us again for advice. If you tell us what step you are on and what the problem you are having with it is then we will do all we can to help.

Step 3: Check to see if you or a family member has ever created a lost property record for this item of property.

Step 4: The next step is to arrange for the record to be removed. This will vary depending on if you have added the loss record yourself or if you do not know where the loss record has come from.

a) The loss report was created by you.

To remove your own ReportMyLoss record simply go to the ReportMyLoss website at and click on the ‘Edit an existing report’ button. From there enter your Loss Report reference number and your Loss Validation number in order to access your report. On the report page, you will find an option located near the bottom where you can click in order to report the property as been recovered. Once you have done this the loss report will automatically clear on CheckMEND within 24 hours.

Q) What if I can’t remember my Loss Report and/or Loss Validation numbers?

b) The loss record was created by someone you know.

If you are able to ask them to remove the loss record then they should be able to do so for you by following the same process detailed in 'a' above. If that is not possible then it will need to be investigated as in 'c' below.

c) You do not know who has put the loss record on your property.

ReportMyLoss is a service operated by our company (Recipero Ltd) and as such we can investigate this situation on your behalf. In order for us to do this, we will need you to contact us in order to request that we investigate the loss record. You can contact us by emailing or by replying to any pre-existing email or support system response from CheckMEND support (

Your request to start an investigation into the record MUST contain a statement saying you believe yourself to be the rightful owner of the item of property. The email will also need to contain details on where you originally bought the item from, the approximate date that you bought it, and the name of the seller. Once we have these details we will then investigate the matter by contacting the individual who created the loss report. If we are able to resolve the matter then we will be able to have the loss record cleared from the item of property for you.

Questions and Answers 

What if I can’t remember my Loss Report and/or Loss Validation numbers?

We can find these reference numbers for you. Contact us by sending an email to in order to request the Loss Report and Loss Validation number.

For security reasons you will need to confirm some details so that we can give out the reference numbers to you. This should include the postcode listed on the report, the telephone number(s) on the report, and the item that you reported lost, including that items make, model, description, and any serial numbers you included in the report. Please also include the approximate date the item was report lost on. If possible the request should come from the same email address given on the report, or if that is not possible then you should confirm what email address was on the report.

If sufficient information is provided for us to confirm your identity as the originator of the loss report then we can reply to you with your reference numbers.

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