IMMOBILISE: ImmobiTag fitting information

Solid Frame

This version of the ImmobiTag is designed to fit bikes with a solid uninterrupted seat tube. Before attempting to fit the tag it is recommended that you check to ensure this seat tube is between 25.4mm to 32.0mm diameter. If the seat tube is too narrow the ImmobiTag may not fit fully inside the bike. If it is too wide, the ImmobiTag may come loose or prove easy to remove.

In addition to this care should be taken to check and see that there is space for the seat post to be lowered back into position on top once you fit the tag. Look for any obstructions that might prevent the ImmobiTag from fitting correctly such as a narrowing of the tube or screws from a bottle holder. Should your seat post be inappropriate for this version of the ImmobiTag we would recommend you look at the split frame version as a possible alternative.

Once you are certain that the tag can fit your bike then you should push the ImmobiTag down past the rim of the saddle tube with the narrowest part of the tag facing downwards. Once it is resting in the tube push the saddle back in to place using the full length of the saddle post to force the tag as far down as it will go. 

Split Frame

When fitting a split frame tag you should first check to ensure there is a place suitable for the tag to be inserted. Look for an air hole in the bike such as a water bottle boss hole or another similar type of cavity where the grain of rice sized tag can be fitted. When you have found a suitable location for the tag, generously coat it with a strong adhesive and immediately place it into the selected spot in your bike. Once you have finished, rest the bike to one side in a position that will ensure the tag cannot slide out and leave it for at least an hour to give time for the adhesive glue to dry.

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