CHECKMEND: Using the CheckMEND logo on your website

Many companies that use the CheckMEND service also wish to advertise this fact on their website.
The CheckMEND brand helps to reassure customers that your company is a responsible business that follows the highest standard of safe trading.  
In addition to this, displaying the accredited CheckMEND logo on your website can also help to discourage opportunistic thieves or fraudsters from trying to sell property to you. This can help to reduce costs to your business both in terms of wasted time and damage to your reputation.
To maintain the respected status of Recipero’s CheckMEND brand and the consumer confidence it provides, use of the accredited CheckMEND logo is restricted to businesses that use CheckMEND for all second-hand devices that they trade. If your company meets these requirements and wishes to use the accredited CheckMEND logo please contact We will then be able to provide the logo along with full usage guidelines.
When you contact us to request the logo please include the following information:

  1. State your intention to use CheckMEND for all second hand traded items purchased by your company.
  2. Your full name, position and contact information
  3. Your company name and all websites where you intend to display the logo.
  4. Your current CheckMEND account name or email address.
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